There are great places on the island both for daily cruises and trekking. Take a sea taxi and visit the Blue Cave, St. George’s island, the island of ‘Rho’ , the bay of ‘Navlaka’, Plakes, and St. Stefan. Moreover, there are exceptional trekking paths on the island. Visit the St. George’s Monastery both on the mountain and the small island of St. George, St. John, Palaiokastro, Avlonia, the Mandraki Bay, the Castle, the Lycian Tomb, the Nifti Bay, Acheres, St. Stefan, Pounenti, Navlaka, Vigla. Be well-equipped with trekking shoes and we could suggest you various breathtaking routes which will get you to know the more wild part of the island.

The road that leads to the airport is suitable for running and cycling allowing you to be deprived from your favorite sports and hobbies during your holiday. If you wish to spend your time with the joy of doing water sports, then you can do canoeing, swimming and diving as well as enjoy fishing.

Every August various cultural events are organized on the island. Exhibitions of painting, photography and modern art as well as music festivals of modern and folk Greek music. One of the most unforgettable ones are Manos Chatzidaki’s and Yannis Markopoulo’s concerts. Under the moonlight of August these events acquire unique color.

In the History of Kastellorizo there are important dates when locals celebrate with enthusiasm. These are:

7th of March- The date when the island of Kastellorizo was incorporated together with the rest of the Dodecanese islands with the rest of Greece.

21st of May- Name day Celebration of St. Constantine and St. Helen patron Saints of the island. This is when the largest festival of the year takes place outside the metropolitan church in the area of ‘Chorafia’.

19th of July- Eve of the name day celebration of Prophet Helias. On this day the locals honor and celebrate this date because it was the time of year when the island’s inhabitants came back home after they had abandoned the island during the Greek Revolution. The whole island celebrates and revives a lot of customs. In one they people dive into the sea with their clothes on.

15th of August- The day that Mother Mary is celebrated at the yard of the church. After the service, there is a huge celebration with live Greek music, traditional food and dancing outside the monastery on the square of ‘Chorafia’.

23rd of August- The orthodox celebrate 9 days after the death of Mother Mary at the monastery in the area of ‘Palaiokastro’ where pilgrims celebrate with local food and traditional music all night long.

13th of September- The date when Kastellorizo is being liberated after the Second World War and it’s now time to become part of the nation of Greece.

Lastly, the inhabitants of the island celebrate Easter with glory. During this period all the people take part in the preparations for the celebration of this big day for Christianity. This big celebration lasts for 3 days and as it is said by most visitors Easter in Kastellorizo is a unique experience. In fact in 2005 the President of Greek Democracy Mr. Carolos Papoulias honored the island with his presence.