How to Reach

By plane:

Daily services (apart from Thursdays) are run by Olympic Airways subsidiaries  of the Aegean Airlines.

Summer 2017 Itinerary

MON 07:00-07:4008:00-08:40
TUES 07:00-07:4008:00-08:40
WED 07:00-07:4008:00-08:40
FRI 07:00-07:4008:00-08:40
SAT 07:00-07:4008:00-08:40
SUN 07:00-07:4008:00-08:40

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By boat

Blue Star Patmos twice per week from Piraeus through Rhodes (journey duration 3 hours and 40’).

Dodecanisos Seaways every Wednesday (journey duration 2 hours and 20 minutes)

Boat Itinerary Summer 2017

MONDAY 07:00-10:4011:00-14:40Blue Star Ferries
WEDNESDAY 07:30-09:5010:00-12:20Dodekanisos Seaways
FRIDAY 10:00-13:4014:00-17:40Blue Star Ferries

More Information for Blue Star Patmos

More Information for Dodecanisos Seaways

Alternative Route

During the summer period there are daily trips from Turkey to Kastellorizo (from the port of Kas).

For more information call the Port Police of Kastellorizo Tel: 22460 49270